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You Said I Have What Doc?

Recently I ran into a close friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while at the grocery store and of course, every time he sees me, we somehow end up conversing about health. This encounter, he was telling me about a recent doctor’s visit where he was diagnosed as having prediabetes and at our healthcare […]

Nothing is impossible

Since the fall of man, humanity has been concerned with externalities, and understandably so, because everything that takes place internally eventually manifests itself externally. When Adam and Eve were confronted by God after their disobedience, they hid their externalities and instead of being ashamed of their disobedience, they were ashamed of their nakedness. They were […]

Wanna have perfect health

As Christians our go to prayer is the Lord’s Prayer. It’s always being recited whether corporately during church services, in the home amongst family, or individually. It’s recited on television, written on post cards, it’s all over the place! We used to say it in the locker room before games for whatever reason like it […]

A Prayer for Healing

I was speaking with a close dietician friend recently about how the Lord requires us to take care of our bodies. She shared with me a time when she was asked to work a prayer line at her church. There was a lady in line who wanted healing, and it just so happened the lady […]

Generational Health

The book of Genesis is a book that gives us our first introduction to God. Genesis 1:1 is one of the first scriptures we memorize as Christians. The story of creation, the story of Adam and Eve and their demise are the first bibles stories we are taught as children in Sunday School. When we […]

Costs! What Costs?

What if salvation wasn’t free? What if Jesus made us pay a fee for his forgiveness every time we sinned, and that fee was based on the severity of the sin and the length of time we remained in that sin? What if there was a copay every time we got on our knees to […]

Get Understanding, Get Clarity, Get Healthy

Clarity is a basis of truth derived through understanding and evaluation. Understanding comes when we have comparative references or actions enabling us to garner an experience to be evaluated against principles or laws that inform those actions. Here is an example in health terms:· This s is an undeniable principle that’s applicable to the human […]