Primary and Preventive Care Services

Primary Care Services

We want you to trust us with your health. In building that trust, we utilize a patient-centered approach where you are just as important to meeting your health needs and achieving your health goals as we are as your healthcare provider. It’s our job to you to ensure you are fully empowered to take control of your health and live a higher quality of life knowing you have a team of healthcare professionals who take your health as seriously as you do. We value you as your own health expert and we aim to enhance your capability. We thank you for trusting us to do just that.

We can help you with all your health care needs as your primary care provider, but we do specialize in the management of cardiometabolic disease. A cardiometabolic disease is described as anything adversely or negatively affecting the cardiovascular system and metabolic processes. When appropriate, we help coordinate your healthcare needs and refer you to specialists if your conditions are more advanced.

Once we have established care, we offer telehealth services giving us the ability to meet you wherever you are most comfortable, whenever is most convenient for you. Our slogan “You Can’t Spell Health without HEAL” is meant to be taken in the literal sense as we aim to lift any barrier necessary to provide easily accessible and high-quality care, the type of care you expect from your healthcare team. 

Preventive Care Services

A lot of diseases can go unnoticed for years. By the time they become noticeable, they can become incurable, hard to manage, and extremely expensive. Depending on the disease and severity, insurance coverage may be limited causing more out of pocket costs making managing and living with the disease even more difficult. At H.E.AL. Mississippi, our preventive care services help you detect disease risk and disease potential before it gets to a point to where it’s physically unmanageable or financially unmanageable. We offer physicals, wellness exams, and annual check-ups to keep you aware of your health risks.

We also offer immunizations and vaccinations for any person 4yrs of age and up. We are a trusted COVID-19 vaccination provider (CCVP) and a Vaccine For Children (VFC) provider. Our preventive care services are mobile giving us the ability to meeting you in the convenience of your community for community or your home.