Get Understanding, Get Clarity, Get Healthy!

Clarity is a basis of truth derived through understanding and evaluation. Understanding comes when we have comparative references or actions enabling us to garner an experience to be evaluated against principles or laws that inform those actions. Here is an example in health terms:·

  • Principle: To maintain a balanced or healthy energy deficit and a healthy weight, we must eat in proportion to our activity levels.

This s is an undeniable principle that’s applicable to the human body. This is something we all experience, but our

experiences vary based on the physical and chemical makeup of the person and our actions. If we consume more energy (calories) than we expend (burn), we will gain weight. The more we continue to gain weight, we place ourselves at greater risk of developing a chronic preventable disease related to gradual excessive weight gain. If we learn how to achieve a healthy energy balance, we can prevent unhealthy weight gain and preventable chronic disease related to gradual weight gain. If we learn how to create a positive/healthy energy deficit, we can lose unnecessary weight and reverse any signs and symptoms of a preventable chronic disease, and/or delay the onset of a preventable chronic disease.

Now it’s a matter of evaluating our experiences whether positive or negative, so we can develop an understanding, to bring us to a point of clarity formulating a truth applicable specifically to us as it relates to how our body responds to energy conservation and energy expenditure. Here’s a simple way to remember, the more we eat the more energy we need to expend. I know the next thought trend would be the less we eat, the less active we have to be but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Because our body’s store what we don’t use and we have no way of knowing on a day-to-day basis how much is being stored and how much isn’t, the goal is to always be active and we’ll let that serve as an operating principle. Energy demands vary from day to day, almost from hour to hour and if we don’t work to balance those demands, it can cause adverse actions.

God has set principles as it relates to the human body, and they should serve as boundaries for us to live within. Once we begin operating within God’s principles, it’s up to us to evaluate our experience and He enlightens our understanding bringing us to a point of clarity. The goal is to be principled, and stack positive experiences based your principles giving you a truth specific to you. There’s no one way that fits all when it comes to deriving a point of clarity which cause unintended misinformation leading to negative experiences. Always go with scientific evidence-based information normally not found on social media but found with your local health professionals. Health professionals have studied God’s creation enough to be licensed as a health professional whether they claim Him as their God or not.