Jasmine Brinson
Exercise Therapeutics Director

My 13 years of Training has allowed me to see that people want to be healthy, but sometimes life has a way of creating a vicious unhealthy cycle.  My mission is to help others all over the world believe that no matter where they are in life there is nothing they cannot achieve .

Here’s a quote that I focus on for myself and clients when training: “Connecting the mind and the body to create your reality.” -Jasmine

Jasmine First started her career after her college basketball career ended . Jasmine became the Strength and Conditioning Intern Coach for Women Athletes at Tougaloo College, developing a deep love for helping athletes get better. Later, she became  a Certified Personal Trainer , Certified Weight-loss Coach , and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach .

She has been helping individuals professionally for 13 years achieve their goals, from the youth to the elderly.

Jasmine is known for

her amazing “body sculpting” workouts and says there is a method to Fitness-Training, and it all starts with the mind.

Jasmine has held the “Biggest Loser” Challenge in Los Angeles, changing over 300 individuals lives and showing the participants that , “Nothing is impossible !”